Walkathon, Bike Race, 5k Run

Elevate your Walkathon, Bike Ride or 5k Run with LuSheann Caterers. As participants lace up their shoes in support of your cause, we’re here to ensure they have the sustenance they need to go the distance. Our catering services offer a diverse array of options to keep participants energized and hydrated right from the start. From fresh fruit, power-packed bars, donuts, bottled water, juice, to coffee, we have you covered !

From as little as a few hundred to as many as a few thousand. We have decades of experience with fundraising events such as this. Whatever the location … downtown Battery Park, uptown Central Park or local municipality’s. Let us handle the serving logistics from wrist bands, sectioning off ingress and egress to waste disposable. This allows your volunteers to greet and thank the many supporters for their efforts for supporting this worthy cause.