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Conference, Seminar, Boardroom Catering: A lunch break during conferences, seminars, or boardroom meetings is crucial. Extended periods of concentration and mental exertion can be draining. A break or hiatus allows participants to rest, refuel, and recharge their energy levels, improving focus and productivity. It also provides a valuable opportunity for networking, idea exchange, and relationship building among attendees.

Box or Bag Lunches: Our boxed or bag lunches are pre-packaged meals consisting of sandwiches, grains, starch, fruit, and dessert. Ideal for take-along travel or casual nourishment.

Bento Boxes: Experience the art of bento boxes—a distinctive way of compartmentalizing small portions of unique foods. Featuring a balanced selection of grain, protein, cooked and pickled vegetables, and a small dessert. Perfect for when presentation is of utmost importance.

Variety Cuisine: Looking for something beyond boxed lunches or bento boxes? Our variety cuisine offers a diverse selection of options to suit your event. From light to hearty soups and gourmet sandwiches to wholesome grains, fresh vegetables, and fruit, followed by nonjudgmental desserts. It’s a culinary journey that satisfies every palate and ensures a memorable dining experience for your attendees.

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