Barbecues & Picnics


More about Barbecues & Picnics Catering

Bring your barbecue or picnic to the next level with gourmet catering from LuShe’ann. We will create a menu of classic American favorites for you and your guests, but this won’t be your average backyard barbecue. We’ll apply our gourmet catering to every dish, giving classic fare a creative and unique twist.

Our menu of traditional American dishes can be suited to your individual tastes and will fit right in with the feel of your barbecue or picnic. Most importantly, our gourmet catering will be enjoyed by every guest – young and old.

Beyond food, LuShe’ann can also help with event design, tent rentals and more for your outdoor event. Our gourmet catering, professional service and years of experience catering outdoor events will ensure that your barbecue or picnic is a blast!


Barbecues & Picnics Catering

No barbecue or picnic is complete without great food! Let LuShe’ann make your next outdoor event a hit with our gourmet catering.

  • A gourmet approach to classic American cuisine
  • Burgers, hot dogs and other picnic and barbecue favorites with a unique twist
  • Personalized menus that everyone – from adults to kids – will love